How To Make Her Have An Orgasm

How to make her have an orgasm. If the following seems difficult to you, the secret is one and you will find it here.

Alone or together?

According to research, orgasm does not seem to be equally important for all women. In other words, women differ in how important they consider orgasm for their sexual satisfaction. This is probably due to the great variety that exists in terms of convenience and the way they experience it. There are many who peak more easily when they stimulate themselves than when they are stimulated by their partner.

Relationship and Orgasm

In addition, a woman’s mental and physical health as well as interpersonal difficulties play an important role in her ability to peak. To what extent is the woman’s difficulty in having an orgasm during sexual intercourse due to her and to what extent is it a weakness of her partner? Is orgasm an indicator of satisfaction from the relationship?

The biological reactions of the organism

Although no universally accepted definition of orgasm, most incorporate the subjective experience and physiological changes. On a physical level, it begins with contractions of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina and with simultaneous contractions of the uterus, which most women do not realize. Along with the above changes, the heart rate doubles, the small and large lips of the vulva swell, the muscle tone of the perineum and anus increases, and the color of the vagina changes to intense red. Subjectively it is experienced as a very great pleasure and is followed by the relaxation of the intensity of sexual arousal.

How To Make Her Have An Orgasm

What problems occur?

The most common problems associated with orgasm. The delay or absence and distinguished from those that have occurred since the beginning of a woman’s sexual life and those that have occurred after a period of normal functioning. Also, orgasmic difficulties can occur with specific stimuli, partners, or conditions or are possible or occur in any case.

The 8 main difficulties in achieving orgasm

  1. Inadequate sexual arousal as a result of reduced foreplay or other organic problems.
  2. The presence of sexual dysfunction in men, such as premature ejaculation, can lead to sexual problems in women.
  3. Communication problems in the couple.
  4. Mourning, loss of a loved one due to death or separation.
  5. Professional failure.
  6. Religious values and beliefs.
  7. Physical and psychological illnesses, surgeries.
  8. Taking medication.

The importance of orgasm

On an emotional level for her and her unrealistic expectations during sexual intercourse can contribute to his absence. These may be based either on myths or on the influence of the media. Rigid scenarios that predict that the woman should orgasm before the man that he should offer her an orgasm, trap her in the stress of his search and in charging his absence to her sexual partner.

Other factors

Such as stress, a woman’s personality, the need to maintain control and fear of losing her, negative sexual attitudes, poor body image, traumatic sexual experiences, and dysfunctional sexual beliefs affect the ability of women to experience orgasm.

How To Make Her Have An Orgasm

Female body disorders

Physical, neurological, and gynecological conditions such as thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, Arthritis, pelvic nerve damage due to total hysterectomy, and spinal cord injuries associated with orgasm inhibition. In addition, women with vaginal atrophy are more likely to report climax difficulties compared to those who do not have similar problems. When it comes to taking medication, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause or delay orgasm.

Treatment of the problem

The woman has the ability through the appropriate treatment to solve the difficulties associated with her climax. The psychotherapeutic approach focuses on the restoration of sexual function of both themselves and the couple, focusing on the communication that exists between them. It is quite common for a woman to express through her sexual problems emotions that have not been expressed in the relationship, referring to a disturbing communication. Thus, through individual therapy, couple therapy, or group therapy, the symptoms are initially treated using behavioral techniques.

About techniques

These techniques aim to reduce stress, focus on the senses, and interrupt the viewer’s role during sexual intercourse. In the second phase, the couple’s communication focused on improving it. Restoring the dysfunctional patterns of behavior and thinking around sex and the relationship. Exploring the psychosexual development and early sexual experiences of the partners.

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